Birth and Family Background

Born on 23rd. March 1886 in an aristocratic Muslim family of famous Uzir Bari in the village of Bailchari of P. S. Banshkhali in the district of Chittagong, Bangladesh. His father’s name was Mozaharun Nabi Chowdhury and mother’s name was Tamizunnessa Chowdhury. His thirteenth forefather Syed Abdur Rahman Siddiqui came from Arabia and settled in Chittagong. His eleventh ancestor Mohammad Khan, it was known, served as Nayeb-e-Uzir (Secretary to Minister) of Nawab Shaysta Khan. The very name ‘Uzir Bari’ of his village home perhaps indicates to this fact.


His fourth forefather Mohammad Hossain Chowdhury (also known as Ahmed Hossain Chowdhury) came to Bailchari of Banskhali from Mallik Sobhan area of Satkania (at present Lohagara) at sometimes in the sixteenth century. Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury’s two sisters were Asia Khatun Chowdhury and Abeda Khatun Chowdhury and tow younger brothers Alhaj Rafiq Ahmad Chowdhury served as a divisional forest officer during the British regime and achieved ‘Khan Saheb’ title from the British government for his social works. Alhaj Aziz Ahmed Chowdhury also enjoyed the title ‘Quazi Saheb’.

  • Date March 21, 2016
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