Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury inherited all qualities of his pious parents. As a religious man, he held high Islamic ideology and precepts in life. He was regular in performing prayer 5 times a day and fasting the two main compulsory religious rituals of Islam. Recitation of the Holy Qur’an with translation was his practice.


There was a good combination of rare qualities and faculties in his character. His life showed a varied brilliance. He was a sincere social worker, politician, thinker and charitable man. Honest and religious he was, and he worked hard for the welfare of the nation. He took an interest in memorizing the Qur’anic verse expressed eagerness to know the meaning and significance of the Qur’anic verse. He had a deep respect for religious and learned persons and was kind and polite to his friend and foe alike.


Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury was a man of charity with a great heart. He was very much open-handed in charity and this well-known to all. Every Friday he used to help the poor and needy people; it became a compulsory habit within. In fact, service to the suffering humanity was his motto in life.


He contributed much to developing this country, particularly Chittagong Division and upheld the demands and wants of the people through his life. In This regard, he emerged here as a rare personality.

  • Date March 21, 2016
  • Tags Life Sketch