Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury is no more on this earth, yet his sweet memory will ever remain fresh in the minds of the people only for the sake of his humanitarian works. Every year on 13th April his death anniversary is observed here in a befitting manner. He is remembered every year and will be remembered for long by different organizations. Thus, the new generation is imbibed by his ideals.


All murmur that Chittagong is now leaderless. It is true, so to say, Chittagong, the largest port of Bangladesh, needs an honest, courageous, patriotic and truthful leader like Badi Ahmed Chowdhury who can uphold the people’s demands, inspire them to work and help accelerate overall development activities.


The people of Bangladesh want constructive, creative and dynamic leadership in all national affairs. Leaders like Badi Ahmed Chowdhury may be an example in this regard.


May Allah fulfill the aspirations of our people. They want a happy and prosperous Bangladesh through honest and able leadership as that of Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmed Chowdhury and all others like him.

  • Date March 21, 2016
  • Tags Life Sketch