Parliamentarian Life

Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmad Chowdhury had a busy political life afterwards. Politics was not fashion with him; he practiced it for the welfare of the people……its was his mission….. honest and great. In his political life whenever he was in power entrusted by the government he did his best doing a good thing for the well-being of the people.


In June 1929, he was elected as an M. L. C. (Member Legislative Council) for the first time with an overwhelming majority from a vast constituency covering 13 thanas (Police Stations) from Rangunia to Teknaf in South Chittagong. He retained this post and position for eight years till 1936. After this, on 15th December 1943, Khan Bahadur Badi Ahmad Chowdhury was elected as an M. L. A. (Member Legislative Assembly) from zamindari constituency with a great majority as a representative of five districts – Chittagong. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Noakhali, Tripura (no Comilla) and Sylhet. In this election, he defeated Congress-backed candidate Advocate Probodh Kumar Das.


While in Bengal Legislative Assembly he took part in discussions almost every day and presented proposals for the welfare of the people during the parliamentary sessions. He tried to avail all the chances to speak during such sessions; sometimes it happened to irritate and embarrass the speaker. Once it so happened that demanding the prompt transportation of rice to his area he threatening to give up his life for this, created such a fray in the assembly that he was ordered to leave the hall within 24 hours. But he did not pay heed to this. On that day of 7th June, 1944 he could accomplish his task and fulfill his demand by discussing the matter in the assembly.


In this period, he was a committee member of many committees from time to time. Among those committees and institutions a few were as follows: India Road Board Committee, Asam-Bengal Railway Committee, Bengal Excise Standing Committee, Bengal Irrigation Standing Committee, Public Accounts Committee, Bengal Revenue Standing Committee, Bengal Agricultural Board etc. He was not mere a nominal member of those committees; active he was although. In this capacity, he worked tirelessly and presented proposals and formulas for the welfare of his people.

  • Date March 21, 2016
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